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These 5 Top Dating Sites that Will Get You Romance by Winter

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It’s wintertime, and that means it’s time to look for the top dating sites to find you that perfect someone to share the season with. Winter, which is often dubbed cuddle season, is definitely a time to find romance, and hopefully you won’t have to spend it alone. More and more people are turning to the internet as their dating source, and may be wondering which sites offer the best results. There are so many different dating websites to choose from.

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Freebies are always nice. If you’re new to the online dating game, you may want to join a site where there will be no risk involved. The first on our top dating sites list is Seeking is a dating site that works somewhat like your average social media sites. It houses a lot of features such as chat rooms, emails, IMs, personality tests and match suggestions. Another key feature is that Elitemate provides a safe and secure environment. This website allows for anonymous phone call options, just in case you’re a little hesitant when it comes to the first contact. Despite all of these positives, we thought a major drawback was that there was no way to protect a user from spam, which can cause a little bit of a headache when searching for that special someone.

No shortage of members. takes the saying there are plenty more fish in the sea, to a new level. This top dating site boasts over 8 million members, most of them under the age of 40. The site offers a flexible option. Members can join for free, without an expiry date, but can also enjoy paid membership to access all features on the site. The only drawback: the sign up process. Although not as long as may take up a bit of users’ time when it comes to account setup.

Diversity. Friends is another notable site on our list of top dating sites. Friends Worldwide finds itself as a well-rounded dating site option for people of all sexual orientations. The site also has well over 10 million members, which means there is little room to fail when finding romance. The membership costs aren’t half-bad either. Membership ranges from $9.99-$19.99 depending on length of service.

Paying for your dateClever Date takes the online dating concept to a new, unique level. Here, users will make a monetary offer for the first date.  Clever date also gives the opportunity for users to actually negotiate first dates. We think this is an interesting angle, but can also be a drawback. Users may find people whom are in it for the money, rather than the romance.

Thorough inspection. The last dating site: Spirutal Click may be what some consider a little too invasive. Although this site offers a risk-free trial to prospective members, you may find yourself answering more questions that you may want to. Users should expect to be asked specific questions like your skin and eye color, and even more.

This winter, don’t get left out of the couples’ circle. With cuddle season fast approaching, it is time to start looking for that special someone.  We’ve listed a few of the top dating sites that will help you to stay warmed this upcoming season.

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